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Photographer Sanchita Ghuge

sanchita ghuge

Sanchita Sunil Ghuge, of shuttershooters, is an old fine art photographer and an all-rounder artist who brings down to earth realism with her photography. An engineer who had explored various facets of life. You can find her being adventurous and hunting for the places and faces to capture them in her lenses. Her passion for photography is amiable but yet professional. Finding smiles from the crowd is her hobby. She is also a soulful dancer and a painter who had brought her thoughts on paper and also through her gestures in dance. She had always loved photography and tried to put forth through her clicks. You can find her style describing the emotions, happiness, and nature. She had put together the memorable moments which can be cherished throughout the life. You can take the glance at her journey by going through what her lenses had captured and what her clicks had described.